Russian Military Truck Reverses and hits the car. The reason given is just Epic

WooGlobePublished: February 7, 2018Updated: February 12, 2018
Published: February 7, 2018Updated: February 12, 2018

Amazing story of Reverse Military Truck Crash with Epic Response from the driver -Happens only in Russia.

The accident happened in Russia on October 10, 2017. The military truck turned left in a street, despite the no entry traffic sign for trucks.

The truck driver realized it was unable to turn left to its destination and decided to reverse, without checking if there was anyone behind the truck.

After this accident, I asked the truck's driver, why he had not checked if there was any car or any person on the back side. His answer was epic: "I pressed my horn twice, waited for 2 seconds and started reversing. If there was anything it should have moved".

Unfortunately, I was listening to the internet radio and was unable to hear his horn's sound. If I had 2 or 3 seconds more, I would have moved back as there was no any car behind me.

In the truck there was a military woman. She asked me (this is a direct translation from Russian) "Why did you snuggle up to the ass of our truck?". I was surprised by this question very much and that's why I've found the only thing to answer "Sorry, I didn't snuggle up to anyone's ass!"

In the result of this accident 3 parts of my car were damaged: windshield glass, car hood, and windshield wiper mechanism. The truck had no any damage at all.

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