Fani Willis: ‘The most I ever gave him, I know I gave him $2,500’

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3 months ago

WILLIS: "Ma'am, you're mischaracterizing my testimony greatly. I‘m not going to allow you to mischaracterize my testimony. I know that I keep money in my house. The amounts of money I gave to Mr. Wade, it was never that serious. I don‘t think I‘ve ever handed him more than $2,500 in a reimbursement. So, we're not talking about $20,000 in cash. I don‘t have $20,000 in cash right now. The most I ever gave him, I know I gave him $2,500 when we went to Belize, because we went to one hotel and then we went to a second hotel. That $2,500 I actually gave him while we were still in Belize. I know that the Aruba trip, the one that you described with his mom, I think I gave him about $2,000 for that trip for, like, total."

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