This Pup Shows She Is Quite The Escape Artist

meganhammon Published February 9, 2018 26,558 Plays $77.89 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWillow can escape just about anything with a latch! Check out her incredible skills in this mind-blowing clip!

Willow’s owners have her on her crate for some reason, but it would seem that the dextrous pup has found herself out of said crate more times than they could count. No one could explain how the retriever got to be outside, even with two latches. Time to turn the camera on!

The clever pup doesn’t waste time. She gets up and immediately goes for the bottom latch. With her paw, Willow tries to push the lever forward, so that the knob on the end gets loose from the catch. The Goldie also knows that is she pushes it far enough on one side, she should go to the other side and push it upwards with her nose!

A little push here, a little push there and the first latch is free; time for the upper latch. Willow does the exact same thing, only this time she knows she should push more to the side and less downwards in order to release the lever from the catch. It takes her far less time for the knob to be released and bang - the crate door flings open.


Not only does Willow know how to open her crate door, the talented escape artist also knows how to open the front door of the house! She presses the knob on the inside and then pulls the door open. We always knew Golden retrievers were clever, but this is a whole new level of escape !