Adorable bulldog hates the appearance of the suitcase with a passion

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, dogs are loyal to a fault. They get so attached to us, it’s heartbreaking to see the look on their faces when we have to leave for a bit. It feels like the world is ending for them and it makes us feel even worse for disappointing them in such a way. If you don’t know the feeling, this dog owner decided to make a footage of it, to commemorate the misery all dog feel, and the extreme joy, once they come back from their trips.

There's nothing more unsettling for Reuben the English Bulldog than when he sees the luggage being pulled out for a trip. The worry of who's going where and when and if he's included is made clear with his butt shaking and the circling of the suitcase. His owner had to leave the little chunker for a business trip and they both didn't want him to go. On the way home from the airport, the owner told his wife and daughter to record his entrance and then formulated this story around it. The leaving of a pet is always hard, but knowing you're going to get a great homecoming makes it all worthwhile. All dogs and owners can commiserate with Reuben on this one. Cheers!

(Music credit: "Isolation" by Lucas King)

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