Independent Golden Retriever Carries His Own Leash When Going For Walks

Maytegv Published February 7, 2018 414 Plays $1.28 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAn adorable footage has emerged showing a Golden Retriever puppy grabbing on its leash and signalizing owner that it is time for his walk. Kevin loves going for walks, and he doesn't need anyone's help doing it! What a smart doggy!

Many dogs seem to have the need to carry something in their mouths. If your pup carries the leash, it is simply because it is located conveniently near his mouth. However, if you give him something else to carry instead, he will probably happily accept it and let go of the leash. We are not certain if that psychology applies to Kevin here, as he seems to be very proud to be the one who is holding the leash. Is this clever retriever taking himself on a walk?

Footage shows a cheerful Golden Retriever puppy walking up and down the living room, carrying a leash in his mouth, instantly signalizing owner that it is time to go outside. Reportedly, this intelligent puppy doesn’t need anyone’s help, and can independently walk himself everywhere by holding its own leash with his owner not far behind just to stir the direction and have his back.

Pulling on the leash is a common dog misbehavior. Puppies and adult dogs alike can often be seen taking their owners for walks, instead of the other way around. Pulling on the leash can be much more than an annoying habit. Leash pulling can result from a variety of things. In some cases, the dog may simply be so excited to go for a walk that it is unable to control itself. In other cases, the dog sees itself as the leader of the pack, and it simply takes the leadership position at the front of the pack.