Dolphin's Cheer Sailor's up after a Very Scary Crossing through the Bay of Biscay

Published February 7, 2018 49 Views

Rumble Dolphin's swimming alongside this yacht with their baby really cheered up some Sailor's on their scary cold and miserable crossing from England to Spain.

These man on this 50ft Yacht hadn't sailed this far before and had not crossed the Dangerous, "Bay of Biscay before" They were Very fed up of being cold, extremely tired and bored and were badly missing there family, especially one Dad (Tristan) who was not used to Ever being away from his family! He was finding it So hard that he was calling his wife every day saying he was going to try and come home.

His wife kept willing him to carry on, as she knew he would regret not doing it later on.
But there was a few really scary moments along the way, one of the days Tristan phoned his wife trying to be brave but the waves were So big and Scary he thought it might be the last time he might speak to her, or though he tried really hard not to let her know how scared he was, She knew from his voice how terrified he was!

Tristan's Wife was Tracking him on a App every day "well more like 20 times a day" so she could check they were ok, and most days talking to each other on a Sat phone. But this one day he Totally disappeared off the radar all day and she couldn't get hold of them on the Sat phone either! Tristan's wife was frantic all day trying So hard not to get upset in front of the children, she just was beside herself not knowing what she could do, imagining them at the bottom of the sea. She managed to get hold of a skipper and he reassured her that in the Bay of Biscay there will be times when they won't pick up any signal, this helped a bit but she didn't rest until later that day when she finally managed to get through to them, this moment was the biggest relieve of her life!
So these Dolphins were Such a treat for these men, it was just what they needed to pick their spirits up again and they made the journey feel a whole lot more worthwhile, it's amazing how these creatures can make you feel alive again. Good Job Dolphin's :-DD