A Cat Enjoys Time Chasing Virtual Mice On A Wall Projector

Published February 7, 2018 78 Plays $0.19 earned

Rumble Many cat owners marvel at the event of their cat sitting in front of the TV screen and observing birds, fish or mice on the glowing planes. Other cats coming from less tech-savvy households can be seen staring out of the window for hours, seldom mumbling to themselves. We can call this Cat-TV and it is an “extension” to your kitty’s personality. Its instinct demands it.

This, however, is not innate to all prey animals. Dogs, for example, hunt together in packs by running after, surrounding and killing their prey. This is why cute Fido cannot hold himself from chasing after the frisbee. Cats use the ambush strategy, like in a mouse hunt. This entails detailed planning. This entails making a careful observation.

As you can see from the video, cats are very vision-sensitive. They detect shapes similar to those of their prey. The cat owners have laced a projector showing rat forms moving randomly on the wall. You cannot see a typical rat there, but a computer simulation, and a crude one. However, that kitty killer instinct prompts the cat to react immediately. The smell factor is absent, the depth of the screen has been checked and then double checked but the game still goes! The kitty levels up: instead of the rats, a laser dot appears on the screen but our kitty decides to invest even more of its energy. And it seems very happy hunting!

What we can do is provide our felines with enough stimulation to make them as happy and as content as they make us feel when in their presence.