Balance Bike Information / Child's life easy and rewarding!

MRDUONG Published February 6, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Make an Important Milestone in you Child's life easy and rewarding! Start them off on a balance Bike!
2 year old on red strider balance bike
Learning to ride a pedal bike doesn't have to be scary and intimidating! But for many kids it is... and can take weeks or months to talk kids into giving up the security of their training wheels and start riding like the big kids.

This can all be avoided by starting your child out on a balance bike, also known as a running bike, prebike, or push bike.

These bikes that now come in a variety of sizes have no pedals, sprockets or chains and are propelled by your child walking, running, then gliding on their own with their feet off the ground.

Within a matter of months, a child as young as 2 can master the skills of balance, steering, and coordination, and glide several hundred feet down hill with their feet off the ground.

While children thrive off their new found independence, parents enjoy the convenience of an ultra light bike that is easy to bring to the park or tote around, weighing less than half that of a tricycle and a third of a bike with training wheels.

Buying a balance bike for a child who will learn all the skills they will need to ride a pedal bike will take away the need to ever expose them to training wheels. They will simply not need them.