"Cute Cat Fights Vacuum Cleaner"

6 years ago

"This cute cat has decided to fight against the evil forces of the vacuum cleaner. And she is actually good at it. Is there anyone who can resist this pretty face? When people invented the hoover, they didn't have a clue that the animals would be so terrified from its presence. For most pets, the scariest thing in the world is definitely the sound of your hoover. And the Internet has lots of videos to prove that. Pets see vacuums as huge and loud stuff that must be avoided. So if you see them hiding under the bed don't get too surprised. Few cats or dogs might enjoy having their fur fluffed by the vacuum cleaner. Well, this is not the case. This feline sees the vacuum as some kind of danger, so she decides to make an attack, by swiping her paws a few times. Exciting as it looks like, this kitten is really disturbed by the vacuum cleaner."

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