Massive flock of birds performing acrobatics show over World’s first UNESCO heritage City - Ahmedabad, India

IndianwildlifePublished: February 6, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018302 views
Published: February 6, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018

Rosy starlings are social creature and fond of congregating in large numbers. Rosy starlings are winter migrants here in India subcontinent and they migrate from East Europe and Central Asia in hundreds of millions or even more.
During day time they are busy feeding in nearby fields. At dusk their communal harmony takes charge and they come together in tens of thousands in number for night roosting in nearby trees of lake. Before roosting some half an hour time is for aerial display. Starlings perform breathtaking moves which is also called “murmurations” over ancient kankaria lake situated in world’s first unesco heritage city, Ahmedabad, India. Twisting and turning of flock look like dancing dark clouds in sky. Performance of birds mesmerizes bird watchers and families who gather everyday in evening at lake shore. Residents of city are overwhelmed by such magical moments and thanks mother nature for such phenomenon.

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