Carter: There's A Second Anti-Trump Dossier From Past Clinton Team Member

Published February 6, 2018 216 Views $1.31 earned

Rumble “We’re still waiting for the Inspector General’s report that is going to be coming out,” Carter said. “That’s going to be directed at Andrew McCabe, now former [deputy] director Andrew McCabe, and others. And I think they’re terrified what’s going to come out here.”

She also noted that there’s a second dossier, an “anti-Trump dossier,” from a person named Cody Shearer.

“He is a very controversial activist, a former reporter who worked with the Clintons in the past,” Carter told the “Fox & Friends” crew. “And the FBI was also using this second dossier as part of what they were doing to back up the other dossier by Christopher Steele, an unverified dossier.”

The Fox News contributor said Steele appeared to be “sending information to the State Department in bits and snippets.”