Little Girl Covered With A Cozy Blanket Of Dozen Golden Retriever Puppies

Published February 5, 2018 5,000 Views $112.00 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA video has emerged of what it seems to be just another casual weekend for this lucky little girl. Apparently, the four-year-old girl climbs in the cage just to be closer to her Golden Retriever puppies. Cuteness overload!

Having one Golden Retriever puppy is probably the dream of every other person in this world. What is there not to be loved in that yellow bundle of joy, wagging its tail and rushing to your side for a hug and a slobbery kiss? Can you imagine what it must be like to a pile of dozen such cuties lying all over you?

One little girl is very lucky to make this fantasy a daily routine. Footage shows the girl lying in dog’s cage, covered with a long, cozy blanket of living and breathing Golden Retriever puppies. When starts recording the video, the little girl confesses that she came in the cage on purpose just to experience the wonderful moment of having a dozen of little puppies lying all over her body, giving her lovable cuddles.

These adorable puppies enjoy giving love and affection. Watch the adorable moment when a little girl disappears under the cuddly blanket of warm puppies. Luckily, mom caught the gorgeous giggling tot on camera being in the centre of the puppy pile, struggling to stand still as the sleepy pooches nap all over her body!

This litter of dozen Golden Retriever puppies will melt your heart and make you want to join the little girl under the big yellow furry blanket!

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