Rachel Maddow Tosses Desperate Fani Willis Hail Mary

4 months ago

A rapidly blinking Rachel Maddow who looked like she was holding back tears due to her beloved Georgia RICO case against President Trump and others looking like it will be dumped, tossed out a DESPERATE Hail Mary that she hopes could save the case from the CORRUPTION of Fani Willis and her boy toy. Maddow pleaded for Fani Willis to "take a leave of absence" as if that would somehow make all the bad things like perjury go away and save the case from being ditched due to prosecutorial CORRUPTION. "Leave of absence?" So instead of Willis being charged with perjury, just invoking a "leave of absence" implies She is still a D.A. in good standing and, oh yeah, her case will still go on despite having been CORRUPTED by her corruption.

We shall see what happens on Fani Willis Day in Georgia on February 15.

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