Aquarium Breaks In Supermarket, Flooding The Aisles With Fish

ViralHogPublished: February 5, 2018368 plays$0.71 earned
Published: February 5, 2018

Being a store clerk isn't an easy job. It doesn't pay much, and sometimes you have to argue with different kinds of customers. But it's an honest living and somebody has to do it. Usually it's not a thrilling job, since you repeat the same things every single day, but sometimes an extraordinary moment can happen.

The employees of a Carrefour market in Tbilisi, Georgia had their hands full (literally), when the aquarium in the store broke and all its contents along with fish, spilled on the floor. This is one of those moments that require "you have to see it to believe it", so one of the customers took it upon himself to film the whole ordeal. In the video you can see countless fish wriggling in the huge puddle all across the market floor.

We have no idea if the employees managed to save all the fish and put them back in water safely, but we're sure that it was a day they'll surely remember for years to come! This moment turned a regular shopping experience in a story you tell at parties. The story got shared by some big media outlets, and for a good reason - it's so hard to believe that something like this can happen on a regular day of shopping!

The people that saved the fish should definitely get a praise from the management, as well as a raise for their effort. It would only be fair after an ordeal like this!

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