Beguiled Persuasion

2 months ago

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Beguiled West Series by South Jersey's own Indie fiction author, K. Reagan Zell! Begin with Ebook 1, Beguiled Persuasion, in the 9 Ebook series and immerse yourself in a captivating and absorbing paranormal romance tale that will transport you to another time and place. Join the empath Cait on a mesmerizing voyage filled with magic, romance, suspense, and unimaginable twists and turns in this epic and spellbinding series. Watch the Ebook video trailers and begin to experience the power and destiny of persuasion as never before imagined. Be swept away into the world of fantasy parallel timelines where the decrees from higher authorities dominate and control the characters' fates through life. Follow Cait's journey and immerse yourself between present day and 15th century Ireland as she encounters a rogue time shifter, a Galloglaith commander, and Druid mysticism in this captivating and gripping storyline...Feel the magic and follow the journey of a lifetime at Ebooks 1-5 are available now on and

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