"When Your Daughter Wants A Boyfriend *Dramatic Eye Roll*"

AFVVirals Published February 5, 2018 42,755 Plays

Rumble "Every little girl wants a boyfriend, even if it's Spiderman or Superman. But when your daughter wants a boyfriend, you manage it with style, just as this mom did. 'You love your Spiderman? He can be your boyfriend for now, and when you get older you can have a different boyfriend' - says the mother, as her cute baby girl agrees with the BF conditions. On the other hand, dads have a different approach at similar circumstances. They love to make jokes about boyfriends and that's something you can't change. Fathers can say harsh words, you can't even determine if they are serious or joking. But we will all agree that dads and little tots, facing boyfriend issues are so amusing to watch. In this video, one thoughtful mom handled the situation like a boss! She found the best way to teach her her little girl to be smart and patient and her reaction is the cutest thing ever!"