Friendly Cat Tags Along And Follows Dog Around During His Walk

Published February 4, 2018 2,347 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is the adorable moment when a friendly cat decides to accompany her best canine friend for a stroll. Walks are a new thing to thirteen-weeks-old English Bulldog pup by the name of Ozzie and that is why his cat buddy steps in to show him the way and make sure that the pup doesn’t get nervous during the walk. Ozzie is lucky to have a brave feline friend to watch his back!

Everyone loves going for a good walk, and that is one of the greatest things in the life of a dog. There’s the fresh air, the exercise and all of those smells. Footage shows an adorable dog walking on a leash around the block, accompanied by his bodyguard cat.

This little pup discovered that there is something that can make going for a walk even more exciting, the joy of having a friend to tag along. These walking buddies look so adorable together!

Obviously, the cat volunteeringly decided to join the little pup in his neighborhood walk and she makes sure it be a time well spent. As owner walks pup on a leash, the curious cat tags along and follows Ozzie around the block. Not only did she accompany her buddy, but she kept on snuggling and rubbing against his fur along the walk. These two sure share a special bond!

Dogs are very friendly and don't mind having company when they take a walk. However, who would have thought that cats would make such great walking companions. Pals who walk together, stay together, they say! These two are the perfect example of that!


  • killerbean56, 2 years ago

    Aww they love each other <3

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  • emiliaelmiles, 2 years ago

    Just one thing: Eddie the cat is a he not a she 😂😬

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