Rationale For The Healing Power Of LOVE!

20 days ago

Can Love Heal Cancer? Rationale For The Healing Power Of Love!

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In this uplifting yet no nonsense video, Dr. Lisa Matejka presents a mini discourse on the healing power of love, and how it particularly relates to cancer. Do the old adages of the power of love (especially its healing potential) have any basis in reality? Dr. Lisa sets forth some pretty compelling arguments, some based in science, some based on anecdotal evidence and others on the experience of experts and wise ones.
Dr. Lisa starts off by energetically sending love (you will receive some if you choose) with a few second heart opening exercise. She quickly dives into the experiments of Dr. Masuru Emoto, showing that love has a tangible effect on physical matter. She then gets into cancer-specific research from Kelly A. Turner who collected copious data on cancer patients that had a spontaneous or radical remission and how love is related to that. She touches on spiritual teachings and principles including the Law of Attraction and then highlights theories about cancer and love (or lack thereof) from pioneers and experts in the field such as Dr. Carl Simonton and Master Mingtong Gu. She touches on the calibration and frequency of love according to the work of Dr. David Hawkins and an interesting parallel with an unrelated source.
She ends with some real practical to-do type advice and invites you all to really try these beautiful exercises! This video is a beautiful addition to anyone searching cancer natural healing and wholistic medicine for cancer.

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