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The daily bitcoin journey is a live show, every morning at 8am CST, focused on actionable and logical discussion for bitcoiners and future bitcoiners.

Today's episode discussed the MANY reasons to be excited about bitcoin right now.

The theme of the show was "there's nothing more powerful than an idea who's time has come." Bitcoin's time has come and it has nothing to do with the price in USD.

We talked about many topics including:
- Microstrategy announcing that they are now a "bitcoin development company"
- Fidelity allocating 1% to bitcoin ETF through their All-In-One fund
- Jack Dorsey talking about micropayments, nostr, and what's being built behind the scenes
- Ten31 venture capital company investing in nostr developers
- The hash rate of bitcoin absolutely RIPPING
- The supply crunch happening in the bitcoin market
- And how nostr will completely change the music industry

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