Leverage Your Energy: Mental

15 days ago

What does your energy levels have to do with the mental game?


This is part eight in a series titled "Leverage Your Energy", in which I discuss the importance of four energy buckets that affect athletic performance. In this episode, I discuss our need to maintain our mental energy bucket in order to drive your athletic performance in-game.

I take an in-depth look at how stress and fatigue can impact cognitive abilities and offer practical tips and a step-by-step blueprint for assessing personal mental energy levels.

Tune in, and learn how to stay resilient, focused, and mentally unstoppable in your athletic journey.

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00:00 Introduction to Mental Game Mastery
00:39 Understanding Mental Energy in Sports
01:15 The Importance of Sharing Knowledge
03:29 Components of Mental Energy
04:44 The Impact of Mental Energy on Athletic Performance
05:16 Managing Your Mental Energy
06:16 The Brain's Role in Managing Energy
08:21 Practical Tips for Enhancing Mental Energy
11:52 A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Enhancing Mental Energy
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