Thank God You're Not Famous - LIVE Kerfefe Break with Keri Sm

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I thank God I'm not famous, and you should too. It occurs to me that the three most corrupting forces I see again and again in humans - whether today or throughout history - are fame, money and power. Mostly because the first two can lead to the third, and power can easily corrupt. Very few people seem to be able to manage it without it destroying them in some way. And yet - so much of our culture holds these three things up as perfectly natural aspirational goals, especially for young people.

Join us for a LIVE #KerfefeBreak on #Deprogrammed with Keri Smith on Monday, February 12th at 1pm CST. We're going to take a look at some clips of Ice Cube, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and others discussing the dangers of fame. And then we'll try to draw out the difference between healthy aspirations and potentially destructive ones.

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