Check Out The Magical And Mysterious World Beneath The Waves In The Cayman Islands

Published February 3, 2018 8,249 Plays $13.18 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThere is an underwater world of mystery and beauty that calls to the adventurous. Scuba divers put on tanks of air and slip below the waves sinking slowly to a magical world where there is near silence. It is a world of peace and tranquility, of violence and danger, where almost every moving creature has teeth. They may be the predator one second and fighting for their life the next.

Few locations in the world are as beautiful as the Cayman Islands. The water is crystal clear and strikingly blue.

The majestic beasts that call this their home accept divers with curiosity...or they pass by with indifference. If divers are respectful, the animals will allow them close enough that they can almost touch them. They will eat in front of them if they remain still.

The beauty underwater is indescribable. Divers swim among 500 year old corals and sea sponges that have far more right to be here than people do. They are guests in this domain and they are aware that improper behavior here will have consequences.

The vivid colors of the fish and corals against the deep blue background are breath taking. The graceful movements of the creatures are mesmerizing and hypnotic. In comparison, the divers are clumsy and slow, but the weightlessness provides them with a freedom of movement that they can't experience on the surface. This sport is like an addiction for many and the euphoria experienced here is undeniable.

The constantly changing scenery unfolds in front of them like an IMAX theater production. Sea turtles, rays, sharks, eels and countless fish swim around the divers constantly. The minutes pass all to quickly and after an hour, divers must return to the surface. Their air supply is exhausted and the buildup of nitrogen in their bodies makes it impossible to stay any longer. They will wait on the surface for an hour to clear the nitrogen so they can return to their paradise for another adventure.

They feel and hear the call of the reef and they are powerless to ignore it.