Highlights from Tucker Carlson's President Putin Interview - USA Shadow Government, Media; BRICS

3 months ago

Highlights from Tucker Carlson's President Putin Interview - USA Shadow Government; Deep State; the Ruling Elites control Western media and push constant wars to maintain dominance; BRICS; China; Nord Stream pipeline

Article link: https://battleforworld.com/2023/09/02/the-ruling-elites/#RulingElitesPower

The Ruling Elites in the West are in a frenzy after Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin of Russia, where the unedited interview was posted on X shortly after and has since gotten 190-million views. – Information about the Elites’ control and manipulation of leaders and media in the West is now starting to reach the general public, bypassing the mainstream media which for many decades has been filtering and censoring information presented to the public to hide what they do not want the public to know in order to maintain the appearance of impartiality when the fact is, the Western media has become very bias, threatening the cohesion of society, slow walking to nuclear war destruction.

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