Me Tryna Stay Positive While Walking Down The Valentine’s Day Aisle

18 days ago

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#1 Madden Streamer is now the CLUTCH UP king | Craziest comeback EVER *COMEBACK SEASON* 😱💥

I left him on ZERO POINTS then we had a rematch and he QUIT 😱

Manager Makes Up STORY To Get Me Terminated Part 1

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We came a long way from getting fired from Walmart for no reason. I remember feeling like everything was over for me and to be honest I don't know why. Maybe it was because I genuinely did nothing wrong so I wasn't only hurt but also confused by the situation. From this however I did manager to record a 4 part series of me crying about why I was being fired for absolutely no reason other than HATE. This actually started my youtube journey. In life you'll be given certain circumstances and won't know why but if you keep faith and keep pushing forward, just know you're already on your way!

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