Shot 15 times, Police Lieutenant miraculously survives to inspire others with his unbelievable story

3 months ago

In 2012, Lieutenant Brian Murphy of the Oak Creek Wisconsin police department was the first responding officer at what is now known as the Sikh Temple Massacre, which left six dead and three injured. The white supremacist killer targeted members of the Sikh temple to kill, and had it not been for the arrival of Lieutenant Murphy, many more would have died. The suspect ambushed Lieutenant Murphy and pumped 15 rounds into the officer, causing devastating injuries.

Incredibly, Lieutenant Murphy not only survived but found a new purpose in telling his incredible story of survival against all odds in this riveting interview with show host Randy Sutton.

Lt. Randy Sutton can be heard every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm ET on The Wounded Blue Hour on iHeart Radio on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network.

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