Surprise! Surprise! (in my best Gomer Pyle voice) 😁 A brief Sunday afternoon matinee! - 4:30 ET - Ep. 90 [2/11/24]

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I cannot figure out how to put the telegram link here so go to telegram and search for: CaptKyle Patriots Ⓡ 🍊 Feb 10, 2024 for the video and pics that go w/the following:
🟨 What are the chances? At exactly :17 seconds into the interview, Putin takes off his black leather-band WATCH and places it on the table, next to a PEN. A very odd thing to do and even more odd that they changed camera angles to show it, rather than edit it out. Q Drop 2647 has an image of a black leather band watch and a pen. It says: The Clock is Ticking
FOLLOW THE WATCH! Unbelievable. Vladimir Putin just gave us comms. Follow the watch > Putin has the goods > time is running out.

Tucker Video on The Truth:

Angry Congressman rips journalists a new one:

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