Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 9

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#10 - Tucker Carlson breaks establishment narratives and outlines five key takeaways from his Putin interview.

#9 - Democrat Senator says the quiet part about the border crisis out loud.

#8 - Elon Musk financially backs fired Star Wars actress' lawsuit against Disney.

#7 - Former Pharma insider unveils Big Pharma’s open secret. (Plus Exclusive Interview)

#6 - Red flag: TSA rolls out new facial recognition technology at airports across America.

#5 - Teacher goes viral for teaching his students how to critically think.

#4 - Biden admin releases the most ridiculous jobs report in recent history.

#3 - Nine-step plan to gaslight America and blame Trump for the border crisis gets exposed.

#2 - Joe Biden inadvertently makes the case for invoking the 25th Amendment.

#1 - Dr. Peter McCullough warns of ‘one-world government coming our way.’ (Plus Exclusive Interview)


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