Wife eating exotic food.see what falls out

Gin_todd07Published: February 2, 2018Updated: February 12, 2018
Published: February 2, 2018Updated: February 12, 2018

Balut is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell.it originated from and is commonly sold ad street food in the philippines.it is a hard boiled duck egg.it may sounds so innocent enough,until you find out the egg is fertilized and allowed to develop from 16 to 20 days before it’s cooked.by this point,the embryo will have become distinctly ducklike,sometimes complete body parts like eyes,beaks,and feathers.it was ranked on many as the “most disgusting/strange/terrifying food” list.while people find it nast the filipino people in the philippines label balut as “much loved delicacy”.many foreigners that went to visit the philippines has tried it,the experience can leave some with a lifelong aversion to the so-called national delicacy.even balut’s tamer cousin called penoy-an unfertilized duck egg billed as a less carnal option,given that it lacks the semi-developed check within can be hard to stomach.for other’s balut’s combination of savory soup,fresh meaty bird and warm yolk is a revelation.balut is also widely enjoyed across numerous provinces in china,especially in the south.like many chinese dishes,balut comes with a list of putative health benefits.filipino’s believed that it will make you strong,among these it’s claimed balut can boost male fertility and libido.if you can’t make it to the philippines but curious and really want to try it,you can find it here in U.S in any asian store.not to sound cliche,but the embryo tastes like chicken.once you get past the notion that you’re eating a fertilized duck embryo,you will find it’s quite tasty.add salt or vinegar to taste.the embryo is the last part to eat in a balut.you first have to drink the “soup”and then consume the soft,creamy egg yolk.the white part find tasteless and hard,and my wife skipped eating this.this food was also featured in some fear factor episode.

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