dog trying to trick us to get a treat

Published February 2, 2018 355 Plays $1.14 earned

Rumble / Dogs & Puppiesthis video will make you laugh even you have a bad day.loki is a mixed lab and shar pei.he learned a lot of trick in his young age but all of the sudden he just get lazy when doing the roll over trick and tried to trick us for doing it half way and he thinks he can get away with that.animal lovers will find this video very funny and even those who don't like dogs much will enjoy this video.sharing this video to give a little laugh to everybody out there.we think its funny how he do it and he do it a lot of times whenever we asked him to roll over.afv,dogs& puppies,funny cute animals,and to all puppy lovers please watch and you wont waste your two minutes time.You can develop an entire act with the little dog in your arms. Ask math questions and get answers. MASTIFFS are huge dogs that appear to be always worried. Cheer your Mastiff up with some fun tricks. A large dog doing cute tricks always causes laughter. Try Raus, Patty-Cake and Peek.For this “Sad” trick, your dog lies down, places her head or nose between her paws, and looks up at you with a sad and soulful expression. Of course, I'm not suggesting you actually make your dog sad! It's just a trick. First, be mindful of when your dog's doing this is also a good bonding with you and your dog by teaching him and encouraging him to learn more tricks,at the same time they discover few tricks that we never teach and we would find it so funny.i will post more videos of loki here.he always makes us laugh with his cute behaviour,thank you everyone for watching.