Boxer Has Baby And Mom Cracking Up With His Performance, The Belly Laughs Are Epic

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Published: February 2, 2018

Everyone will agree that there is nothing better than seeing your little baby and your dog getting along so well. The tot and the family boxer are down the path for an everlasting friendship and they look so adorable together!

This 5-month baby has a very unusual best friend that adores her. The parents say that the dog stays with their baby all the time and protects her. There are times when she is unhappy and she is crying, so when that happens, the dog named Prince is always there to cheer her up! They even said that he tried to give his own food in order to please the young lady. What a gentleman!

Footage occurred on January 31, 2018 in Nykil, Sweden and was filmed by baby's mother, and features the big and energetic pooch can be seen with a toy in his mouth waiting for his little friend to play with him. All that jumping and prancing seems to be so funny to the young toddler, so she laughs in her baby bouncer. You can see by the reaction she has, the baby girl loves her dog so much! Her laughter is pure music to our ears!

The mother said: ‘My boxer Prince loves our 5-month-old baby. He protects her and is faithful to her in all situations. He even tries to give her his food, and if she cries he tries to comfort her as well.’

Thus video is guaranteed to make your day!

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      einsteinparrot · 44 weeks ago

      Everyone needs a babysitter like this!

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      tjames35 · 39 weeks ago

      He was deliberately tickling the babies feet. How cute is that?

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