"Silly Grandma Loves Taking Selfies"

AFVViralsPublished: February 2, 2018
Published: February 2, 2018

"Old people are like ' Son, can you teach me how to take a selfie?' Well, this silly grandma loves taking selfies and she is actually good at it. Okay, maybe not that good. But at least she tries. Older generations have a hard time understanding technology. Back in their days, they had to walk for miles just to take a selfie with some fine background. So we will all agree that older people need to be educated properly about the selfie universe. Grandchildren don't mind giving them a few guidelines, but what they ask for a return is definitely a photo session, haha. This funny old grandma has brought selfie on a different level. Maybe she tried to take a picture, but accidentally pressed on the 'Record' button. Who knows? No one cares as long as she's making us laugh out loud. Anyway, there's nothing wrong in taking a shot of your awesome self, right?"

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