This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family

Published February 2, 2018 1,464 Views

Rumble We've all been introduced to the unusual friendship terms, but some of us decide to take things to a whole different level. Some people nowadays choose to take are of animals such as Tigers, Lions, and eve Crocodiles in this particular case. Even though these kinds of friendships might seem weird and even crazy, somehow this owner and his crocodile have found a way to create a friendship and live to together for as long as 20 years.

In A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan's garden. The family's washing hangs right next to it and Irwan's three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the crock. Because he's been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he's lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries, to humans at least.

Irwan story of how he saved this crocodile is really inspiring and definitily worth to hear and see.The is truly one of those inspiring stories where A Beast and A Human have come to terms and have crossed all boundaries just to prove that such animal can be domesticated and become part of the family. Take a look as this incredible story and the true frendhsip between human and beast.