"Golden Retriever Fails To Catch Sausage"

AFVViralsPublished: February 2, 201826 views
Published: February 2, 2018

"Most dogs are great at throw and catch games, especially when snack is involved. But this Golden Retriever fails to catch the sausage thrown at him. This doggo is hilariously bad at catching food and resembles to the famous Californian Golden Retriever Fritz. And Fritz just can't catch anything! Like literally anything! Is your dog any better at this kind of games? Dog owners will agree that it is almost impossible to record your dog looking at the camera when the right moment strikes. And when they do, fail is about to happen! While some dogs are inherently good at catching objects, some of them are still learning. It's hard to teach a young dog old tricks! The owner tosses a hotdog and the game of catch is surely a tough one for this dog. Hotdog is close...well, not close enough! Shown in slow motion, this adorable video of a canine's fail is a must see!"

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