"World Record Corn On The Hob Eater Dog"

AFVViralsPublished: February 2, 2018
Published: February 2, 2018

"Does your dog eat corn cob? Then prepare to meet the 'World Record Corn On The Cob Eater Dog' as his owner likes to call it. The doggo is so cute and charming. And he adores this food as well. This dog is surely not a picky eater. As a matter of fact, hungry or not, dogs eat whatever comes their way. It is in their nature to explore new stuff and also try different tastes. As you can see, this canine's favorite snack is definitely corn. Its face expressions tell a lot about its connection with this food. We bet that no one ever gets bored watching their pets eat. Actually, we are sure of it. This owner is so satisfied by watching his pet enjoying his brunch. Even if it's not good for them, corn is one of their favorite meal. So let's make it clear, if your dog gives you puppy eyes, you give them corn!"

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