UFO Motherships, UAP Records Collection, Crushing USAF Innovation & Artemis Accords

5 months ago

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Feb 10, 2024


Congressman Tim Burchett believes that crashed UFOs have been retrieved and studied, but they have not been successfully reverse engineered
Remote Viewing underground bases, ETs and Inner Earth Civilizations: Interview with John Vivanco
Historical photos of small UFOs entering cigar-shaped mother ships take on new significance.
Space Force sends its first Guardian into Space but is he truly the first?
US National Archives creates official rules for collection of UFO records from military and government entities.
Martin Scorcsese Superbowl commercial is predictive programming for alien invasion or new cosmic religion.
Weaponized Episode lays out solid case for Dr Sean Kirkpatrick’s sabotaging AARO during his tenure as its Director
Historical film of John Northrup’s B49 flying wing achievement and interest in UFOs corroborates William Tompkins testimony.
What’s Coming in 2024: Catastrophic Disclosure webinar now on Vimeo.
Huge ocean found under Saturn’s moon Mimas, corroboration of UN Diplomatic outpost there.
Does former NOAA Director, Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, belief in non-human intelligence derives from briefings about undersea ET bases
Greece becomes the 35th signatory to Artemis Accords further cementing US leadership in space affairs for decades to come

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