Dog Steals His Own Leash From Little Boy To Play In Snow

Published February 1, 2018 140 Plays $0.45 earned

Rumble If anyone ever tells you they hate snow, don’t believe them. Heck, don’t even hang out with them; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. How can someone not love snow? First of all, everything is WHITE. Second, everything is so silent and peaceful and serene. Plus, can you imagine the loads of fun you can have while there is snow outside?

There is a thing that dog people say that they would much rather trust a dog than a man and we believe that this is one such case. When you see a dog have so much damn fun outside in all that snow, you know that nothing bad can happen.

This Boxer loves snow so much that he steals his own leash from this little boy just so he can go play in the snow. I can understand that. How can a boxer bounce around in the snow if there is a little boy attached to his leash? Just steal it.

At first, it seems like the two boys are having some old-timey fun in the white cover, chasing each other and wrestling in the snow. But the plucky dog keeps trying to pull the leash from the kid’s hands.On the other hand, it looks like the boy thinks this is his dog’s way of asking for more fun, more chasing, more wrestling.

But it isn’t. In fact, it turns out that Fido here really, really wants to experience the winter wonderland. Just on his merry own. Such a funny dog.