Owner Hilariously Confuses Dog With Opposite Commands

Published February 1, 2018 5,424 Views $8.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesTeaching your dog the basic commands of ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘drop it’ and the likes, can be very useful in your mutual life together. You will always be sure that your dog will be safe from harm, and it will turn it into a loving, caring member of the family.

While there are dog owners who struggle with getting their dog to actually obey what they tell him, just like Zeus’s owner Lindsay couldn’t get him to give up the front seat, there are dog owners whose loving pet companions would do just about anything to please their owner. That includes obeying every command they are given with every ounce of enthusiasm their little bodies can muster.

Roxie the Pit Bull is one such overly enthusiastic pup. No matter how many times her owner tell her to “go outside”, then “go to bed”, the dog rushes over to the door, then to her cot with so much eagerness, it is like she forgets what happened the last few seconds.

“Roxie, wanna go outside?” and Roxie runs over to the front door. “Roxie, go to bed,“ and she comes running back straight into the bedroom. Her owner teases her three times this way and not once did sweet Roxie stop and look at him like “are you pulling my leg here man?”

She is not the only sweet pooch that got teased this way. Butterfly the Pit Bull also got to be the butt of her owner’s joke, when he made her face a very difficult dilemma - going for a ride or going for a bath?

Check out how enthusiastically this pup reacts to two separate and opposing commands. Hilarious!

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