"Living with Roommates: Babies Explain..."

Published February 1, 2018 16 Views

Rumble "In a perfect world, everyone would be able to move out of their parent's house and settle right into a beautiful open space 1 bedroom apartment. However, EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE, so... Babies explain living with roommates. 1. Finding the perfect apartment. 2. Figuring out how much it will actually cost. 3. Realizing you'll need a roommate. 4. Asking your friends if they want to move in. 5. When you can't find anyone you know. 6. Putting an ad on craigslist. 7. Reading the replies. 8. Interviewing candidates. 9. Deciding who to choose. 10. Discovering their messy habits. 11. Having your first fight. 12. Making up like adults. 13. Finally getting to know each other. 14. Realizing you're perfect together. 15. Throwing the best parties. 16. Becoming completely inseparable. nnHave any roommate horror stories or a funny story about roommates you love? Share in the comment section below!"

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