Pet Talk With The Pet Doc

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Dr. Mike helps keep your pets happy and healthy. Dr. Mike will tell you about the latest treatments in pet health. We also take your questions about your pets.
PET SHOW TOPICS Timestamp for 02-10-2024
:00 Intro & Dog Respiratory illness update
:05 Fleas & Ticks & Mosquito Prevention & Illness
:14 CAT not using litter box, Nature’s Miracle
:17 Lumps Lipoma on dogs: Remove or Not?
:20 Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement for dogs
:27 Nexgard for CATS topical NOT chewable
:28 Chew toy for CATS dental help
:30 Calico CAT stomach inflammation/vomiting
:35 Dog loss of hair in elderly dog discussion
:42 Gut Health & ProBiotics Weight Loss
:44 Stray CAT deworming symptoms / tapeworms
:48 Dog Barking Behavior problems & advice
:49 Dog Anti Bark Collars citronella spray mists
:52 Dog Car motion sickness, Cerenia
:55 CAT Megacolon constipation
:59 Excessive drinking in elderly CAT
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