Talking Bird Loves Being Petted On The Head, Crying Words Of Satisfaction

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Published: February 1, 2018

Parrots bob their heads when begging for food, seeking attention, or when excited. Very excited “displaying” parrots will bob and sway their heads while their crests are up. Depending on the bird, it may not be wise to handle the bird while it is displaying. Some are more likely to bite when very excited. Cockatoos will often raise their crests when they are surprised, excited, interested in something, agitated or happy!

Footage shows a quirky fella having the time of his life right. When owner scratches the little bird’s head, it sends it to ecstacy and the bird starts to mumble in a state of nirvana! This grateful bird sure knows how to boost owner’s confidence, assuring her that she is doing a great job!

In this clip, the excited bird indicates that it would like to be petted
by placing its head outside the cage, in order for owner to better reach the spot. Watch how this adorable bird enjoys having its head scratched, lowering and tilting it to get to the right angle. The most adorable part is when the talkative bird starts complimenting owner’s petting by saying ‘Oh yeah, good gracious, it feels so good’!

Have you ever seen a parrot enjoying the head scratching so much, and complimenting the owner at the same time? This is one happy bird who knows how to appreciate the little things in life! Check out as this talkative parrot enjoys a nice head scratch.

People tend to pet animals from the top of their heads to the tip of their tails, which works for many mammals, but birds are somehow extracted from this list. Parrots can too get used to being stroked this way, especially being petted on the feathers on their head towards the beak.

In fact, parrots cannot reach these feathers to preen, therefore they rely on other parrots or their human companions to take on this task. So, if you have a bird pet, make sure you stroke its head the right way! The bird will be grateful!

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