Three Dogs Use Teamwork To Fetch The Same Stick In Unison

Published February 1, 2018 3,418 Plays $10.64 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious footage has emerged of three long-haired German Shepherds named Kobi, Bob and Dillon playing fetch at the same time, going after the exact same stick. These co-working canines sure know the true meaning of teamwork and make for a dream team!

For many dogs the routine of tossing and retrieving is the highlight of their day. Fetch is a game owners usually played with their dogs, when they toss an object, usually a stick or a ball, and it is dog’s objective to grab it and retrieve it to owner.

Footage shows three German Shepherds playing fetch with owner in unison. Have you ever seen dogs play fetch, hunting after the same stick all at once? This owner found a funny way to keep all three dogs entertained and teach them the importance of teamwork. When owner throws the stick in a moderate distance, all three canines start hunting after the stick and when they fetch it, they each carry one part of the stick to owner.

It is funny how these dogs work in unison and never show aggression or competitiveness against one another. They are the dream team of canine fetchers and sure know how to teach you a lesson about teamwork. Well done buddies!

Can you imagine how well synchronized you have to be in order to carry around the same stick in unison with two other buddies? This trio has apparently worked their way of playing fetch all together, so when owner throws the stick they all start rushing towards it and wait for each and one of them to grab it with their teeth first, before they bring it to owner.