Sweet Dog Doesn't Know What To Do With All Those Balls

Published February 1, 2018 8,388 Plays $29.73 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhat is it that a dog loves the most in the whole white world? His owner, how food bowl, the toys they get to play with every day, those awesome long walks and those super cool times they spend at the doggy park? Boy, oh boy! But if we had to boil it all down to one thing, there is nothing a dog loves more than a good, endurable ball!

It looks like this pooch is one of those dogs, the ones that love the simple, rotund pleasures in life. But things get really awkward for sweet Ace when his owners dump a plethora of colorful balls on him. The face he makes is just gold!

At first, they give him just a little taste of the sweet, sweet surprise that it about to hit him. Dear Ace doesn’t sense any disturbance in the force and instead runs off to find his new ball because BALL! But then his owner calls his name and the dog turns around to be buried in dozens of plastic balls in all colors imaginable!

You would think that seeing how he loved his one ball, he would go mental over a bunch of them. Unfortunately, that does not happen, as Ace just sits there, in the middle of the stairwell, staring at his owner in utter confusion, before running off in the opposite direction.

Check out the face Ace the Weimaraner dog makes after being dumped on by a bag of balls. Too funny!