OTR class shows cooking can be healthy, fast and affordable

WCPOPublished: February 1, 2018
Published: February 1, 2018

Forget the microwave and takeout. A cooking class in Over-the-Rhine is debunking the thinking that Tri-Staters don't have the time, money or ingredients to cook at home. And they say you can prepare a homemade meal for four for less than $10. "It takes a lot of time to cook. However, if you get fast, if you learn those tricks, then you can make it, make the cooking process go faster," Cooking for the Family program director Jamie Stoneham said.  Cooking for the Family is one of several programs offered at the St. Anthony Center in Over-the-Rhine that show how to make delicious, healthy meals on a budget.  "All of our recipes are ... $10 or less and usually serve between four to six people," chef instructor Mona Bronson-Fuqua said.  Bronson-Fuqua goes through the basics like slicing, dicing and experimenting with ingredients. She recently taught how to make island beans and rice with coconut milk and apple, carrot and radish salad with a homemade vinegarette.  The program shows that cooking at home is not only affordable, but healthy too.

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