Why All Paintings Need Asymmetry and MUST Include Children & Dogs | Advice from Boris Koller

2 months ago

Jan-Ove Tuv visits Boris Koller's studio in Sweden to hear his thoughts about the multi-figure composition he is currently battling with, depicting Ask and Embla being created by the gods.

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In this video you will learn about:
• Painting as a "flat" problem
• The Renaissance compositions method of the 72 degrees angle
• The asymmetrical pyramid and why symmetry is a problem
• The Baroque method of different horizons
• Manipulation of landscape
• The number symbology of three
• Male and female nature
• The melting together of bodies into one
• NOT "values", but togetherness and line
• Why you should have no more than 13 gods
• The landscape should not be a separate thing
• The landscape has to be an experienced fantasy
• The theological approach to the Norse belief
• How the Nordic belief was preserved in catholic paintings
• Why you must include children and dogs

Fergus Ryan
Matthias Proy


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