Gaming / Q&A in the chat with Andrew Bartzis in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight! PvP Battlegrounds!

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Welcome Consciousness Explorers!

Andrew Bartzis & friends will be gearing up and heading into Azeroth for an evening of leveling up, questing, and duels amongst each other! Andrew will be answering questions in the chat, here on the Rumble!

This evening we will be hitting up PvP Battlegrounds! You can find us on the Kel'Thuzad server playing Alliance characters, if you would like to play - we may be playing the Dragonflight expansion but are always happy to adjust to the party!

ALSO: catch Andrew Bartzis with Dale Tobin and Laura Massey on the Talking Stick Show on Tuesdays and on New Teachings on Thursdays at 11AM PST/2PM GMT/7PM GMT!

Our weekend line-up includes gaming with Andrew Bartzis in World of Warcraft for Friday Night Fight Club at 5pm PST/8pm EST only on Rumble! Followed by select replays of Adventures Into Reality throughout the weekend!

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Enjoy a montage of footage from the tour as well!

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Facebook: Andrew Bartzis @GalacticHistorian
Instagram: @andrewbartzisgh

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