#121 - Elections, Machines & 2020 w/ Joe Hoft Part 2 of 2

3 months ago

Chris and Danielle continue their conversation with radio host and author Joe Hoft on American politics and the need for a great revitalization of truth. Have recent events in New York truly shown how bad things are? And what of the upcoming elections?


Psalms 34:11-15 TPT


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Chris picks up the conversation from the previous episode (01:33) Joe touches on the lack of trust in the current administration (05:40) A story of an election night in 2020 (07:48) A possible end to the Republic (12:56) How recognition makes a difference (16:01) Keeping himself going (19:58) Where people can follow Joe (23:32) Why Chris and Danielle trust Joe (26:28) State of Freedom’s closing message for its listeners (33:47)


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