"Baby Tries Applesauce For The First Time"

AFVViralsPublished: February 1, 201810 views
Published: February 1, 2018

"You have to see this baby boy trying applesauce for the first time! It's hilarious! It is completely normal for babies to make funny faces when introduced to new foods. The face is NOT telling you that he doesn't like the food, it's a rather following reaction when trying different tastes. Families make funny home videos of their toddlers for years, whether it's their first words, first steps or new foods they try. Well this time, daddy gives his son a little applesauce tryout. 'You don't like the applesauce , Walter? '- he said with a silly voice. The baby is clearly not a fan of apples or maybe he is not quite ready. 'Let's say no to applesauce, for now! the father said with laughter after seeing his face. The baby's reaction is priceless. Can you imagine anything sweeter than a baby making a sour face? Nope, we couldn't agree more!"

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