No One Is Above the Law—Except Joebama - Trumpet Daily | Feb. 9, 2024

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[00:30] Biden Denies Special Counsel Report (36 minutes)
When Donald Trump was accused of illegally keeping classified documents, the media echo chamber insisted he must be charged because “no one is above the law.” Now, Special Counsel Robert Hur has determined that Joe Biden “willfully” retained sensitive classified documents after his time as vice president. But although the special counsel’s report clearly proves Biden is guilty, he will not face criminal charges. In a disastrous press conference yesterday, Biden aggressively denied the special counsel’s findings and the report’s statement that he is “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

[36:20] WorldWatch (4 minutes)

[40:00] Grounded in God’s Word (15 minutes)
True Christians must be grounded in the foundational truths of the Bible.

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