4 years ago

Touching Moment Of 97-Year-Old In Hospital Bed Singing Lovely Hymn

One of the the ups to living long is that you have seen many different times, the changes is society, the many different experiences, the many different generations and sometimes live to see another century. In these cases people have books of information on how things use to work, how times once were and all the different ways in which things have been done in the past.

Many people come to realize the importance to life and the true meaning throughout their last days. The stories they tell and the secrets they keep can be truly life changing. Like most of us believe, the meaning lives in family, friends and love. Even though life is more complicated than that, at the end is all that is worth holding on to.

Here we have just the right situation where this old man is coming to the end of his days and is lucky enough to have his close family by his side. They are all around his bed keeping him company and comforting him as he is getting ready for the final chapter of his life. This emotional and very real moment is caught on film by these great people bringing to you what it's like first hand experience of such occurrence.

Watch as 97-year-old Grandpa Walters sings 'How Great Thou Art' while surrounded by friends and family at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Sadly, it was reported that he passed away the next morning, but you can't help but smile while watching this sweet and memorable moment.

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