"Cats Fight Over Milk Bowl"

Published January 31, 2018 836 Plays

Rumble "Do you fight over food with your close ones? Well, if the answer is yes, take a look at these two adorable cats arguing over milk bowl. They truly resemble humans in some weird way. Forget what you know about cat fights because this is SO next level. When it's milk-o-clock, cats get competitive. But these cute felines have a VERY polite discussion. We are sure they have a special 'animal language' and the translation of this affair sounds hilarious! Cats sleep for like 16 hours a day, so no wonder they have the energy and nerves to do funny stuff like in this video. When one cat starts to drink the milk, the other one gets their claws to the bowl...and a never-ending fight begins. Cats get jealous of each other and there is nothing you can do about it. Just hit record and enjoy their drama. Also, don't forget to send this video to someone, just to brighten up their day!"